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Changing Perspectives

Sadeghi Coaching & Consulting

Today’s business and professional world is constantly undergoing disruptions and change. It requires a high degree of flexibility and adaptation to be able to successfully navigate through these changing circumstances. As a career coach, I help you to gain clarity and confidence to cope with the unknowns and insecurity that may surround you.

Where can I support you?

I can help you when these and simar topics are your burning questions:

  • Have you become a people manager for the first time?
  • Have you just changed scope and breadth of your role?
  • Are you stuck with your career plan?
  • Do you wish to transition to a new role or industry?
  • Are you an expat and overwhelmed by the new working situation in a new country?
  • Are you a Start-Up and look for help to define and set up a successful Go-To-Market strategy for your product or service?

What can you expect from me?

As a Co-Active® Coach my focus is helping you to move forward and gain clarity through collaboration and thought-provoking questions. As your career coach, I

  • am your listener, trusted partner, challenger, motivator, and guide throughout your journey,
  • help you fighting your disbelief, discover your inner strength, and unleash your true potential,
  • support you to gain clarity about your burning questions, deepen your learnings and progress on your topic.
Sadeghi Coaching & Consulting

Sharam Sadeghi

„Making a positive, long-lasting impact on people, organisation, and business are my drivers. It’s about progress, not perfection.”

Throughout my professional career in Germany and UK, I always enjoy working within dynamic and international context, learning from different perspectives, and experiencing creativity that comes through diversity.

As a people manager for more than 15 years I am passionate in leading, developing, and coaching teams and individuals so that they grow and shine in the organization. This is, why I have started the journey to expand my managerial cross-industry experience with enhanced coaching skills to support individuals on their way to a fulfilling professional life.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) with the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), the leading globally recognized coaching school, as well as  Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accredited  by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


Are you ready to take charge?

The foundation of a successful working relationship with a career coach is based on mutual trust. In an initial chemistry session free of charge, you get a sense of how the coaching can help you. Likewise we discuss what is the area you wish to work on and explore what is needed to get there. Take these steps, take charge:

Set up a chemistry session  

This is a 30 minute free of charge call to get to know each other.

Identify coaching need

We discuss the career areas you like to explore and the desired outcome.

Book your sessions

With an online booking tool you'll find the right slots at ease.

Ready to choose your career coaching options?

Trial Session

Free Session

1x chemistry session à 30 minutes



Starter Package


6x Coaching Sessions à 45 minutes

Price on request




12x Coaching Sessions à 60 minutes

Price on request